First blog post- a little introduction to BattleBorn

Hello everyone, welcome to our first blog post.  We are still figuring this out, so bear with us and please have fun with us as we go.  

We are a couple of normal people who were awakened to coffee actually tasting good many moons ago after Heather took a work trip to Costa Rica.  Prior to this, we drank whatever grocery store stuff was on sale or the occasional froo froo starbucks drink.  After the Costa Rica trip, we began using a french press and buying coffee from local coffee shops in Cincinnati.  The trial and error process continued since then.  It still hasn’t stopped, just evolved.  

Brad’s work took us to some interesting places where good coffee only came via mail or a long drive to San Diego to pick up something fun.  Brewing methods varied and our tastes changed.  We made it to Tucson eventually, which has some quality coffee shops.  Shortly thereafter, lots changed with some “mostly peaceful” riots and of course, the scamdemic.  

We learned a lot around that time, and finally began roasting our own coffee.  We loved it.  It was fun, super fresh, and we were excited.  We gave coffee to friends.  Feedback was good.  Bigger roasters were needed.  Progression happened quickly.  

We wanted to build a brand that represented both of us.  Brad is in law enforcement and loved the personality of some of these companies that boasted patriotism, and support of law enforcement and military, support of our great second amendment and the geniuses who scribed such great documents all those years ago.  The taste of the coffee could be sacrificed for some pro America.  Heather cared first for quality.  Though she comes from a marketing background, marketing didn’t sway her.  The coffee had to be clean.  A MUST.  In addition, it had to taste good.  That led her to buying local and searching for organic or other certifications.  And of course, it needed to be fresh and have an exciting flavor.  

Battleborn Coffee Roasters was born in the midst of a large battle for the same freedoms our great Founding Fathers and the early Americans fought for back in the 1700s.  We can feel it in our bones.  We are very much pro America, pro freedom, pro gun, use-your-head, and always-try-to-have-fun kind of people.  AND, our coffee is good.  We have learned over the past 3 years that the Organic certifications don’t mean all we thought they did.  However, we take the time to learn where the coffee we source comes from.  We don’t buy coffees that are laden with pesticides and other chemicals.  We buy specialty coffee.  We roast it craftfully.  Is that a word?  We have, and continue to learn about the roasting process, and always strive to produce the best coffee we can.  

At risk of rambling, we’ll wrap this first blog post up.  We truly appreciate your time reading.  We appreciate your support.  As a small budding business, it really does mean the world.  We love talking coffeel, so if you ever have questions please do reach out.  Stay tuned for future posts.  We have some tutorials and fun stuff coming.  Feel free to check us out on social media, and even youtube, which our oldest kiddo has hijacked for now.  

Thanks for reading!