Memorial Day

Memorial Day

First off, we would like to wish you all a happy weekend.  A happy Memorial Day Weekend. 

This is a great country.  It is what it is because we've had men and women, past and present, willing to give everything to build it.  Protect it.  Preserve it. 

Though they deserve our respect and honor every day of every year, we'd like to ask that you join us in truly remembering and thanking those who've made the ultimate sacrifice for this great nation; and for their families they left behind. 

Remember also, the best way to honor these patriots is to live free.  It starts with the individual, and family.  Always has. 

Go have a great weekend.  That's what they would want. 

From us at Battleborn Coffee, have a good Memorial Day.  We feel we owe it to them to have a good day.  To the brave men and women that have paid for the freedoms we enjoy today, we cannot thank you enough.  If you have lost a loved one fighting for us, we thank you and honor the memory of your brave husband, wife, mother, father, uncle, aunt, son, daughter....

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