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Evolution - Java

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While we always work hard to select amazing coffees to buy and roast, we wanted to do something kind of fun.  So we are launching a new coffee we're calling Evolution.  The plan with this is to offer some exciting coffees from different locations.  While we have our solid standbys from certain countries for a reason, we're going to switch it up with EVOLUTION. 

Here's how it'll work....  We buy a bag or two,  when we sell it all, it's gone.  We'll then switch over to another country, region, farm, etc. 

To some, Evolution means… the next thing.  The next task, next exercise, next role, next mission.  Evolution is meant to keep bringing you something cool.  Once this amazing coffee is gone, we’ll send out the incredible, strong, speedy, bulletproof, patriotic, American Bald Eagle to locate and bring us another fantastic coffee. 


From our importer, Cafe Imports: Riunggunung Estate is a 10-hectare farm with 9 hectares planted in a selection of different varieties that are commonly found in Java. This lot is from the highest point of the estate, elevation wise. This section of the farm not only develops the most nuanced flavor profile for the coffee, but it is also a somewhat dangerous place for the plants: On very cold evenings it can potentially frost over, which can devastate production. The stress, however, is part of what contributes to the beauty of the flavor in the cup.

Part of what makes this coffee so special is that it all comes from one specific farm, the Riunggunung Estate.



Tasting notes:
Cocoa with mild burnt sugar and cooked papaya flavors. Complex acidity and mellow sweetness


Washed Process
1600-1650 meters
Variety: Andungasari, Bor Bor, Katrika, Ateng

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
george lease
Love the coffee!

I love the products. I'm especially excited to get this staple from local patriots!

Amara Hudgin
An awesome change of pace

My husband and I typically like dark roasts, but we like to change our coffee routine every once in a while and explore new roasts. We are so glad we tried this one! The Columbia/Evolution roast has a deep, rich unsweetened cocoa flavor balanced with a lush, boozy-cherry-fruit layer. Imagine a dark-chocolate-cherry cordial or Black Forest Cake turned into a coffee bean. A real treat for both of us. Thank you, BB, for making this available - another excellent roast.

Jon Anderson
Columbian coffee

On the packages you list what one would taste and expect from it . and i never really ever tasted what they were trying to say . Except for your coffee .You guys have it nailed !!!! I love columbian coffee amd this one is very interesting :) i like it and different .

Suzie Leu
Excellent coffee!

The coffee is excellent and so fresh the Ethiopian coffee is my favorite looking forward to trying more.