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BattleBorn Coffee Roasters

SIX (We’ve Got It) - Guatemala - Direct Trade - Sustainably Grown and Washed

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This is our signature coffee for our great military, law enforcement, firefighters, medics, first responders.  We know what you do.  We see you.  We understand the battles you, and your families,  deal with day in and day out.  We appreciate you.  We have your SIX. When you have a bag of SIX sitting on your counter, looking at the label, you’ll know you have the SIX of your family, your community, your you brew a fantastic cup of coffee to take on your shift.  

This coffee is purchased directly from Bethel Farm (owned by the Kafetos family) in Nuevo Oriente, Guatemala.  Because we buy directly from the Kafetos family, the farmer/owner gets more of the money, thus is able to pay workers better, and treat the land better.  

This is a specialty grade coffee bean.  The Kafetos family uses natural, sustainable farming practices, no chemicals, and it shows.  

In the 1880s the farm began when hundreds of acres of farmland were purchased along the border of Guatemala and Honduras in order to promote the growing of rich coffee in the highlands. They named the land Bethel, which means “The House of God” or “Gate of Heaven.” An ideal climate and clay and metamorphic volcanic soils result in high quality coffee with a distinct acidity and good body.

Nuevo Oriente coffee grows at elevations from 1300-1700 meters above sea level where the rainfall averages about 1,900 mm each year and temperatures range from 64 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tasting....chocolate, caramel, apple, bold


Direct Trade - No harsh chemicals
2 way sustainably washed
1300-1700 meters shade grown


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jon Anderson
Six coffee grounds

Ill say this about battleborn coffee six. In the evening i look forward to the early morning to have my coffee . It is really good

Brittany Stewart

We love your coffee!

Mary Moorman
Coffee Lover from Indiana

New to Battleborn Coffee and love the smooth taste.
Hard to drink coffee at a restaurant now that we have gotten the “real stuff”. Keep up the great work on this.

Tiffany Iceberg
Best Coffee

I was gifted a three pack sampler from a dear friend and this coffee is so good. I drink my coffee black and the robust smooth flavors of all three varieties is some of the best I’ve had!

Amy Harris
Best coffee I have ever had!

Coffee was fantastic, best I’ve ever drank!